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Re: Bond Street Dojo Relocation

I think many people will be thankful for the more spacious accommodations at the new location. I myself retain a painful memory of the one (and only) time I attempted to use the restroom at Bond Street with my hakama still on. However, life would be dull without these humbling comic moments.

With reference to the question of whether the old space will remember the people, in this respect the new owners of the old building may be getting more than they bargained for. For example, I was always somewhat spooked and yet curious about the single barred window behind the commode. It appeared to open out into some nameless pit (presumably located in the nether regions of Jones Alley) and in the blackness one could dimly make out wafting cobwebs and god knows what else. I have long harbored a secret fancy that Terry Dobson's ghost lives back there - not because he has banished himself, but simply because he is waiting for a good moment to reach through the bars with one of his big mitts and scare the bejeesus out of some hapless patron. For some reason this gives me a small feeling of satisfaction when thinking of the new tenants.


P.S. By the way, if people have some interesting Bond Street stories, this would be a fun place to post them.
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