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Tim Heckman
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Re: shoulder injury

I have an odd shoulder injury that's nearly a year old now. I was just finally getting forward rolls down, and becoming confident, and then went ahead and collapsed my arm and fell on my shoulder while doing the forward roll at speed. General practitioner examined it and saw no separation, but referred me to an orthopedic doctor because of severe pain and limited range of motion. Orthopedic doctor asked for MRI's and X-rays and saw no separation, and no substantial tears.
I started practicing again in about a week, avoiding the shoulder, and was back to a full beginners practice in 3-4 weeks, and learned how to do rolls without putting any weight on my shoulder . However, I still have all sorts of clicks in my shoulder, and limited range of motion while raising my arm laterally. If I try to raise my arm to my ear from the left side, it stalls out when its parallel to the floor. It will raise higher, but needs help to do it (like using my fingers to crawl up the wall).
So my question is-- I'm not in any consistent pain from the injury, but it does affect my mobility and my bokken work, and its probably weakened my upper body strength. Push ups are a lot harder, and were painful for months after regular pain had disappeared (not that I had any great skills in that area in the first place). My doctor, orthopedic doctor, and chiropractor are all no help. Where do I go next? I'm in my mid-thirties, in a major metropolitan area and have fairly good health insurance. Any help is appreciated.

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