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Re: Help with an injured elbow


If it is truly on the medial side of the elbow and there is no pain or numbness down the arm you likely have "golfer's elbow". This is generally caused by stressing the elbow as you hit a golf ball, especially if you tend to hit a lot of divets. It is caused by forceful wrist flexion and pronation-the nikyo pin would be an example. Continued stressing can cause the tendon to pull from the bone and cause hemorrhage of the bone covering (subperiosteal hemorrhage), inflammation of the periosteum (periostitis) and tearing of the medial collateral ligament.

Testing: pain with squeezing a ball or when flexing or pronating the wrist against resistance is indicative of medial epicondylitis.

1. Ice, analgesic creams, and anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs).
2. Strengthening the extensor muscles.
3. Strapping (tennis elbow strap) while healing may take stress off the elbow.
4. Avoid wrist flexion with pronation activities (nikyo in particular)
5. Rest

Other options: Graston technique treatment protocols ( to reduce adhesions and stimulate healing; Active Release Technique; kinesiotaping, other myofascial release.

Cubital tunnel syndrome is characterized by numbness and tingling (paresthesia) of the little and ring finger. Weakness may occur in later stages. Night spinting with partial extension and B6 (50 mg bid) is usually recommended treatment for Cubital tunnel syndrome.

If this does not improve, you need to seek health professional help since surgical intervention may be necessary with golfer's elbow.
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