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Re: shoulder injury

Hi Darin,
I've found general bruising to be among the most common injuries (although I've recently lost a toenail when someone stood on my foot whilst I was attempting a tenkan movement). We're really safety conscious (as I suspect most dojo are nowadays) so the injury side of things is quite rare, but sometimes things happen...

With regard to your shoulder, does it click when you rotate the arm if your elbow is bent (for example with your fist pointing upwards (ala bicep flexing pose) and you rotate the whole arm downwards (so that your fist now points towards the ground)) or does it click when you do something else?

A click might indicate a rotator-cuff type injury, but can also be evidence of ligaments being stretched or misaligned. I have slightly dicky shoulders in that they click when I rotate my arm as described, but I've been assured by both physicians and physio/chiro people that it is not bone, simply the ligaments moving over the bone...

That being said, I find it's always worth seeking professional advice (whilst I am a sports trainer, I have a fairly rudimentary understanding of anatomy and physiology - I like to get the opinion of someone who knows what they are on about). Icing the shoulder was a good move; ice packs often mitigates the chances of exacerbating the injury, but the lack of pain is not always a good indicator. In the meantime though, I'd recommend keeping off the affected shoulder/arm until it can be properly looked at
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