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Sue Hammerich
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Re: Help with an injured elbow

Well, I AM NOT AN MD and I am only making some suggestions, but ...Yeah, it does sound like a medial epcondylitis AKA "golfers elbow". But, it could also be a cubital tunnel syndome, or compression of the ulnar nerve between two parts of the muscle that flexes your wrist (bends in in the palmar direction) and/or moves it toward your pinky. In any case, you want to avoid bending your elbow past say, 40 degrees, and especially avoid leaning on your elbow, You might benefit from sleeping while wearing some kind of splint on your forearm/arm that prevents you from bending it in your sleep. Massage the area clockwise, counterclockwise across the fibers, and up and down on the fibers, use ice as needed, and frankly, I kinda like a moxibustion. Rest is important, avoid tight grasp, don't sleep on it, posture is important, there may be some soft tissue adhesions sort of like gristle in the area so some sort of myofascial release or active release technique may help...those kinds of things might help. But again, I am NOT a doctor

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