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Re: Concepts for Beginners

You're making perfect sense. We're talking the same thing here, but using different terminology. When I use 'move by move' I'm not referring to the Arthur Murry 'feet pasted on the floor' method of teaching ballroom dancing. I am saying that technique is made up of basic movements which can be combined in different ways to form more complex patterns in response to various attacking scenarios.

As I've grown into the art I have begun to see that technique is anything but static. The form of a technique can vary widely with respect to one's uke. While the basic forms comprising the technique may remain invariant, their mode of application may have to be altered to accommodate different uke. Uke's size, age, athletic ability, mood, attack speed, attack direction etc. all play a role in determining the correct application of a technique.

One of the challenges of teaching is how to drill students in the basic forms so they become instinctive while getting the point across that patterned response is dangerous in a conflict; be the conflict physical, emotional or psychological. One method I have for handling this is to stress that leading and following are two sides of the same coin and that the nage must do both simultaneously.
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