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E.D. Gordon
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Howdy from Bavaria

Strange to be introducing myself on a website I have participated in since its introduction. It's really got a life of its own now, Jun. I don't know how you have the time, amigo.

I live in Germany and have a massage practice on an Army post. I am originally a Texas citizen (born there, with 4 generations of family behind me , unlike certain "world leaders").

I began aikido in 1989, managed to continue despite a broke and turbulent life, and attained shodan in 1998. At this point I "branched off" and have since then only "orbited" aikido, continually intrigued by where it led me, and how.

Most people who break off from aikido, do so bitterly. I am not so bitter, only wary of all political structures and the belief systems they perpetrate. Aikido brought me to where I am now, and I will not forget it. I simply had an opportunity I had to take with Chuck Gordon and his Kokoro Ryu.

Life with the Army has made me triply wary, and deeply aware of the acute need for outspoken activism in defense of honesty, objectivity, self-awareness, and inner conviction, as opposed to manipulation by forces outside.

Life in Europe has taught me to be aware of a larger world.

That's enough for now.
I hope it helps folks to understand my point of view.
I don't live by my computer, and I don't have a lot of time to explain things, but I hope for patience and understanding as I try to explore things with ya'll out here.

mle "edge" Gordon
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