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Bond Street Dojo Relocation

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In 1973 two friends, Terry Dobson and Ken Nisson, first gave aikido classes in a store front in New York's East Village that would become the Bond Street Dojo. For over 30 years, thanks to the generous support of the owners of the building, Jan and Calcotte Kindler, aikido training continued in the space.

Things change. The once rundown neighborhood has become gentrified. The Kindlers have both passed away. And the Bond Street Dojo is pulling up stakes.

Things change, and sometimes we wish that they wouldn't. How many million times did nage met uke on the Bond Street mat? Attack, receive, attack, receive; do these things work their way into the floorboards and walls? Do our places miss us as much as we miss them?

Although we will miss our old training location, we are excited by the opportunities that our new dojo provides. It is much larger - the mat alone is as big as the old dojo space was - and we believe that when we have finished construction we will have the best training space in New York City.

If you are in New York, please come on by and train. While the new dojo may be in a bit of a raw state for a while, the welcome will be warm.

The name remains Bond Street Dojo.

The new location is 214 W. 29th Street, on the 3rd floor. The mat is laid down. We look forward to training with you.

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