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Re: Article: Appropriate Force by "The Mirror"

Great article!
When my step daughter, Justine, was in middle school she decided to go out for wrestling. Her school had a team and in theory girls could join but one of the two male coaches was an ex-marine and he made it fairly clear that in his mind letting girls wrestle was the beginning of the end of Westren Civilization.

He offered little or no encouragement and Justine had to motivate herself for the most part. That is until she started winning... The rule was that when they wrestled other teams who had girls, they would wrestle each other. But they would wrestle boys if the were no girls on the team. The first match Justine had to wrestle a boy she pretty much demolished him. You never saw anyone more pleased and proud than her coach (he was a marine, remember? Winning is the whole deal.) However, the whole screwed up set of societal biases came up when the defeated boys coach humiliated him in front of everyone because a "girl" had beaten him. If that boy had been my son that coach would have been invited to grab my wrist so to speak.

Anyway, it was great experience for Justine. The next year most of the boys started to bulk up from getting their adult hormones and Justine simply couldn't keep up with their increased strength development. But we were really happy she had done it. This is one of the girls (I had five at one point when I was married) I don't worry much about when it comes to handling the boys she goes out with.

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