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Re: Training in other schools of aikido

Ruth McWilliam wrote:
Just a thought - your teacher may not allow you to take shodan, or may delay you taking it, if he suspects that you won't stay solely with him after getting that grade... It's not unknown for this to happen.

There were others who graded shodan and stopped and some at first kyu who then joined other aikikai dojo.

Joining other aikikai dojo has not been a problem with my teacher, joining other schools of aikido is a BIG problem. If I join another school now, I may never get an Aikikai shodan. Even if I join a Yoshinkan or Iwama-ryu system of the Aikikai, I don't mind starting from scratch, so in my thinking I rather have all (yudansha in Aikikai, Yoshinkan, etc.) or nothing.

Amir Krause wrote:
Do not go behind his back - THAT IS BETRAYL!!! And the first person you would betray in such a way is you. Your studies of Aikido will forever be shrouded by the fear of his discovering, and you will no longer enjoy the practice in pure heart.
So you are saying that I should leave for my quest of knowledge and it should done after obtaining shodan .
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