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Adam Alexander
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Re: hiriki no yosei/elbow power #1

eh Michael,

thanks for more of the info. I do have a couple questions.

first, with regard to gripping the mat, what about training on a hard surface?

second, in regard to the exercises with multiple ukes resisting your forward motion, wouldn't that sort of exercise cause you to take a much deeper stance? The reason I ask is because I found that after working on Hiriki no Yosei for a spell I thought I had my stance pretty good. However, I began to practice more seriously on Ju no Kumitachi and the stance was way off for developing speed in my cross-steps and side steps.

third, with having ukes holding both arms, doesn't that make it impossible to follow the edge of uke's power--seeings that if you have to move off your original line away from uke, then you're just heading further into the power of the other uke.

Again, thanks for all the info.
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