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Amir Krause
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Re: Training in other schools of aikido

I, amongst others, is not getting free lessons, we pay the monthly dues. I am not walking away from the current dojo. I am prepared to invest more money and time in aikido joining an additional dojo.

Learning Aikido (or any other "way of life") means you should forget about the Customer mentality. Your paying the teacher has nothing to do with the situation and doesn't give you any more rights!

he will not permit it period - no discussion.
So you must make your choice - stay with him & respect his requirement of leave. Those are your choices. Do not go behind his back - THAT IS BETRAYL!!! And the first person you would betray in such a way is you. Your studies of Aikido will forever be shrouded by the fear of his discovering, and you will no longer enjoy the practice in pure heart.

think I will buy time, take shodan and then decide from there.
This is an unfortunate yet possible decision. Just be honest with yourself to make sure it doesn't turn your training bitter.

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