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Re: Student ability

Hey again

Unfortunately training twice a week is all that can be facilitated at the moment, issues such as the venue, my work and other dojo in the area all contribute to when and where we can essentially train.

I have one of three dojo in my area all training on different nights however, (and I know this will sound as if I'm sounding my own bells here but) I'm not the person who's building walls around their students making it difficult for people to train at other instructor's clubs. (Another long and pretty boring issue)

Potentially a student could train Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday if *IF* the instructors of the other clubs were willing to let "their" students train elsewhere (pretty pathetic really) but alas that isn't the case, sad, but true

I appreciate that training just twice a week isn't a vast amount, but even comparing the chap in question with other students with about the same time training (two years more or less) taking into account individual strengths and weaknesses, there really is a very obvious difference in ability however; as has been said, may be he's a very late bloomer.

The issue here isn't really how good or bad he is as a student, I really don't mind that aspect, what concerns me is that as other students (who by definition learn much quicker) become ready for testing, I can see a situation forming where he might feel like I'm passing him over (as happened at his last dojo)

My fear (for want of another expression) is that he'll become disenchanted again and quit, I really don't want that, as he's a good person to have in the club.

I think what I must do is chat to him as previously mentioned and perhaps set out a specific training regime for him which sets targets and defines aspects of training which he is clearly missing.

Ta very much for your continued thoughts

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