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Re: Student ability

I think everyone has posted some very nice ideas, and I also think that you Dave have come up with a lot of insightful things as well. But what about this: two days a week is not enough for him, maybe not for anyone. What does two hours of practice get you in playing the guitar? What about in learning a language? Assuming you have one hour long classes - two hours out of every one hundred and sixty-eight - well - that's only going to support so much and for so long. Maybe you are already seeing that now. I mean, who would take only $2 out of every $168 one has earned? I hope no one. Yet a lot of folks seem quite willing to invest in just this sort of way when it comes time to training. At our dojo, two classes a week is the bare minimum for a member maintaining dojo membership. That's about all it will guarantee. Things are set up so that while one can expect not to have their membership revoked if they attend classes twice a week, they can't be expecting much more than that (e.g. to be carried through the ranks). So... Maybe the solution is having him, and/or encouraging him, and/or making it easier for him to attend more classes - and helping him to understand why he should as well.


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