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Re: Training in other schools of aikido

Larry Camejo wrote:
Personally I think you should find a Shodokan (aka Tomiki) Dojo.
None where I live.

If you want to be "loyal" to your teacher, great. But unless you signed an agreement to be "loyal to him alone and his one true path" when you signed up for classes, then there is no reason to stick around and limit yourself. Most non-ego intoxicated Instructors I have met are very open to their students "standing on their shoulders" and moving beyond even them. To do this one often needs a comprehensive view of Budo that allows the the more particular training in one's style to make a bit more sense when seen from an outside perspective.

From my experience Instructors who call for this sort of loyalty are either 1)Afraid that their quality of instruction is not up to the par of the group they are representing 2) Taking liberties in their own teaching methods that would be frowned upon if viewed by other teachers who know how to spot BS 3) So consumed with their own ego and belief that they are on the "one true path" that they view other training methods as being somehow "beneath" their own.
Hmm, this starts me wondering...

So its your call - Politics or Proficiency? Sometimes you can get both in the same place, often not.
Definitely not from my post.

Just my take. I reserve the right to be wrong.
You read my thoughts absolutely well. Much thanks.
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