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Sue Hammerich
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Re: What's your sensei teaching you?

Interesting that this thread should be revisited just now; I just emailed my Sensei with something like this.
I work in health care, seeing people with injuries of the upper extremity. I sent a progress note to a MD, advocating for some aspects of this person's care that I thought could use some extra looking at. The MD called me on the phone, very angry. Frankly, I was initially intimidated.But my sensei talks about this kind of thing; grounding in the face of anger and responding with a calm center. To be sure, I had all my ducks in a row in the original note, and provided the necessary findings to support my thesis. I grounded, cantered, and discussed this situation, and by the end of the call, the MD felt that I was right, and reconsidered his earlier response. Because of what Sensei Steve Steger has brought to my leaning,and the gift of his teaching, a patient will get the treatment she deserves. I've only been able to train for a very short time, but he has made a difference in the lives of others.

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