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Re: Training in other schools of aikido

Jean de Rochefort wrote:
Here's an analogy:...
Thanks for analogy. Comprehensive.

X amount is paid for the lessons and that is the perceived value and nothing else is demanded or implied. Some of my sempai in fact train at other Aikikai dojo, no problem. Some also train in other MA, again no problem.

The problem is training at other schools of aikido.

So, the answer I fiqured out must be loyalty to Aikikai. It must Aikikai or Hombu favored system, any other school is no no. I am a 2nd Kyu. I think I will buy time, take shodan and then decide from there. It is a small world; if I leave now, join another Aikikai dojo which permits me to train in another school, he will definitely hear about it. The reason I signed uo with him is that he is A senior instructor and every other Aikikai instructors look up to him.

Thanks for the pointer.
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