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Adam Alexander
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Re: Training in other schools of aikido

Here's an analogy:

I'm selling a Ford. The price is $100, three tofu dinners and twenty hours of cleaning my house.

I'm not willing to negotiate and I'm willing to lose you as a buyer.

Your instructor is selling the car (Aikido). The price is allegiance (in his way) and dues. He will not negotiate ("So, when I said he will not permit it means he will not permit it period - no discussion.")

You say,"...I, amongst others, is not getting free lessons, we pay the monthly dues." This is like saying,"sure, I took the car, but I paid him $100." Problem is, I wanted a whole lot more than $ does your Sensei.

Being that it's a car, we'd say that you stole it. However, being knowledge and time, we don't say that it's stealing from your Sensei. What is it then?

And finally, you say,"So to my question: Disloyalty to who? My teacher or to Aikikai?"

I respond: When you take my car without paying the total price, are you stealing from me, or Ford?
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