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Re: Training in other schools of aikido

Jean de Rochefort wrote:
You folks have me wrong. I'm not saying it's a feudal agreement. I'm not saying that an instructor should or should not demand allegiance.

What I am saying, is that our anonymous friend KNOWS the price of this instuctor's time. That price is monthly dues AND total commitment to only that style/instructor.

Sure, he has the right to go elsewhere. I'm not saying that he MUST stay. I'm only saying, pay the price or be honest that you're not willing to do so.
Hi Jean,

You are confusing me. I, amongst others, is not getting free lessons, we pay the monthly dues. I am not walking away from the current dojo. I am prepared to invest more money and time in aikido joining an additional dojo. At some aikikai dojo, there may be more than one teachers instructing at different time and students get to do and feel things differently. But not so at my place. If I attend another Aikikai dojo, I may offend my teacher by giving the impression that his instructions are inadequate. My intention is join a non-aikikai dojo or aikikai dojo that follows either the Iwama system or Nishio's system to broad my aikido knowledge; after all both Saito and Nishio was and is direct students of O Sensei.

For some reasons, I feel my teacher is afraid of offending anyone at Aikikai Hombu, hence, the "dislike" for Yoshinkan, Iwama-ryu and probably Nishio. So, when I said he will not permit it means he will not permit it period - no discussion.
So to my question: Disloyalty to who? My teacher or to Aikikai?

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