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Re: Student ability

Lynn Seiser wrote:
IMHO, it sounds like his mental map has not progressed. This, where the physical training does not change the way one thinks, is why some direct mental training comes in handy. See about a prvivate session and find out what he is thinking while trying to do a skill. He may have taken Shoshin (beginner's mind) far too literally.
Hi Lynn,
I've had a number of conversations with this student and I'm convinced he understands what's being said, but body function just doesn't seem to follow suit. I can place him in a group of similar experience (in time) and they'll be motoring on yet he'll struggle every time. I really feel for the guy because its obvious he loves doing Aikido, indeed he's never once complained that he thinks or feels he's doing badly or not so well as others so I'm out to keep this student at all costs (all but grading for grading's sake which I feel is unfair to everyone)
Jo Adell wrote:
If our dojo followed a syllabus where every technique is taught in sequence, giving students the time they need to absorb, she would retain a great deal more physical information, but as we operate more holographically,
Hi Jo,
I work from my organisation's training syllabus pretty much all the time, partly because this is my first venture into the realms of running a dojo so, I'm keeping things simple for the time being, once we've all found our feet I'll diverse to broaden our training so, I'm all but always running the classes to a format of Kihon.

Again, I see some form of problem with motor function, its just occured to me that he may well have a medical condition perhaps even he doesn't know of ?? Basic tenkan, irimi tenkan and backfoot irimi tenkan, all conerstones of aikido movement and even after two years of doing this he's wobberling around like its his first week or so in the art.

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