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Re: What's your sensei teaching you?


For what it is worth, the style I am learning does not talk much about the philosophy either.
Lately, I have been asking myself: "WWOSD?" (What-Would-O-Sensei-Do)?
I am "qualified" or "enlightened" enough to do so? Probably not, but I am enjoying the exercise none the less, and the conclusions I make are my own....and I reserve the right to change them.

So, with that in mind, and combined with what I believe/ have learned: as long as your style of Aikido does not try and cripple your partner, I am more than comfortable with saying "yes, that is Aikido".

I would, personally, tend to say that your definition very accurately describes the physical interaction, but that overall Aikido is a little (or a lot) more than that...but again I can accept that definition just fine.

What is interesting to note is that we may not take the same path to it, but we do arrive at the same conclusion (don't we?).

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