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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

After just getting back from seeing Saotome Shihan for the first time; I have a totally different perspective of Aikido. It is most definitely a combat art just like any other, with some great philosophy to boot! It should be a "martial" art after all.

Saotome Shihan made us work on kicks for a whole class on the "Aikido Cruise."
Some people did really well with kicks, but a lot of people felt out of place. To me, kicks (done right) are very Aiki. I think if we start defining Aikido through never doing atemi and just doing set techniques, the martial aspect of the art will die. If you are talking to anyone who has boxing, fighting, and general MMA experience...they will tell you atemi is more than critical. I am going to start training in atemi again...because it is just as vital to the whole martial art as a good irimi nage. IMO, throws are secondary defenses; moving the body and atemi are the primary. Wow, everytime I go to a seminar my respect and love for Aikido and it's effectiveness and philosophy rise even higher.

BTW, one of the kick defenses (front snap kick) we did involved moving off the line and catching the leg then doing an open hand strike to the throat of the attacker. We also practiced an elbow strike to the soft spot right above the knee from the same attack and evasion. As far as using kicks for defense goes, we did a side kick to defend from middle or high punch...that is one of my favorites...and very effcient indeed. So, to all those people that say Aikido has no martial aspect or kicks...they just have not been exposed to that part of the art yet. IMO, Aikido is the most comprehensive martial art because anything can be Aikido! O' Sensei wanted his art to be dynamic and I'm glad to see some people stepping up to the plate.

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