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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Khaled Abdullah wrote:
Hi every 1
Actually the title is an advice from some martial artists who I meet weekly in our dojo. We have many different martial arts sessions going every day in that dojo like karate, taekwando, judo, jeet kune do and kung fu (wing chun). we always talk about martial arts and their effectiveness in real situations like street fighting.

They almost made me desperate and disappointed of Aikido.
Here are some of their quotations:
"Aikido doesn't require fitness so most aikido players are old, fat and not strong enough"
" you can not attack in aikido you just receiving and waiting what the attackers will do"
" many aikido techniques depend on grabbing which is rarely happen in real fights"
" aikido focuses on hands to applying its techniques and ignores the rest of the body, no kicks no punches no jumping"
" aikido is only good for seminars and demonstrations"
" aikido is too traditional, no body use sword in our world today"
" aikido is a philosophy more than a combat way"

I didn't lose my faith in aikido, but between u and me aren't they have right in some thoughts???

Is aikido useful and effective in real situation and against other martial arts?
Thanks that made my day.
I got my eyes filled with tears. Not from sadness but from shear laughfter.

Anyone who says Aikido is a waste of time should come try lessons at our school.

As for grabbing in real fights, while sorry to say I been in my share of real fights, and I can't remember any that didn't end in some sort of grab or on the ground. Just because you practice a technique from a grab does not mean it has to be from one. As for attack, we have atemi in our techniques at the intermediate and advanced levels, however we do not bring this up to the beginner levels.

Anyways I can counter all those arguments that are there and take up my whole coffee break, but I'd rather just finish my coffee, since we have all seen them before.

My advice is keep to your Aikido and don't listen to other peoples opinions on what they don't know.
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