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David Yap
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Re: Training in other schools of aikido

Jean de Rochefort wrote:
that is disloyal. in an honorable exchange, he gives you his knowledge, you give him what you know he wants for that knowledge: allegiance. If you do not wish to give him allegiance, then you should not accept what he is offering for that allegance: knowledge.

I tend not to agree with you. In the past (> 50 years ago), I may agree with you. What if his teacher makes his living by instructing aikido or any MA for that matter? The student now pays for his lesson - it is not simply a teacher-student relationship but also vendor-client relationship. When the student first joins a dojo, he is told to fill a form (his name, address, contact, etc.) and probably a waiver. I don't think allegiance is mentioned or implied anywhere.

I speak as a former dojo-cho (karate). I don't demand allegiance from my students, I allow them to train in any MA discipline or with other style of karate. While I taught Shotokan, I train Goju-ryu and aikido. "Armed" with these knowledge, I can answer their questions appropriately. The loyalty I gain from my students (past & present) is not from a teacher-student relationship but rather from our friendship - the sharing of knowledge, the open-mindedness, the trust and honesty with one and other. I always tell my students not to accept my answers as the honest truth but to put them to test and they should share their findings, good or bad, with everyone including myself. I feel I can learn as much from my students by teaching them or looking at their movements and from their experience from other MA disciplines.

Change is inevitable, growth is optional and tradition should be preserved (Shu Ha Ri). The truth is Allegiance is not a Tradition.

Happy training

David Y

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