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Re: Training in other schools of aikido

Jean de Rochefort wrote:
that is disloyal. in an honorable exchange, he gives you his knowledge, you give him what you know he wants for that knowledge: allegiance. If you do not wish to give him allegiance, then you should not accept what he is offering for that allegance: knowledge.

I could not agree less.

First off, nobody has all the answers. I realize there are things I cannot give to my students, experiences I simply do not have. That in no way invalidates what I am doing on the mat.

The open exchange of concepts and ideas...sharing...that is what leads to knowledge. If a student (no matter how much my junior) has something to offer, regardless of where it came form, I want to explore it so I can grow and develop.

If a student of mine finds something else out there that suits them better, then I would encourage them to explore it. My Aikido is still my aikido, so the way I see, If the student leaves, what I had to offer was not for them...

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