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Training in other schools of aikido

I belong to an aikikai organization and have been training for quite a while. I have also wanted to train other schools of aikido simultaneous with my present aikikai style to broad my knowledge and hopefully my skill as well. The problem is - my teacher will never permit it. I have not asked him yet but I know he will not as even the utter of Iwama-ryu brings disgust to his face. At one time, someone gave me a brochure of a Yoshinkan school that was nicely done which I then passed to him to have a look. Without a glance, he threw it into the waste-paper basket obvious to the rest of the class.

As I have invested much time and money thus far, I jeopardize my prospect of getting a shodan by being kicked out the Aikikai dojo if I am caught training in another style. Does it mean I am being disloyal to my teacher and Aikikai? I know I am not but how can I convince my teacher?
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