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But it was not the end of the world. and i still haven't heard anything the man did that makes him a predator. for God's sake, the man dated three students in 3 or 4 years, if i recall the post, so either he kept them for over a year (not bad by today's male standards) or he also looked elsewhere
Colleen: what you say above is NOT what has been going on, and I don't know all of it. I said a minimum of three students. Here is what I have heard - some of these he told me about, some other ex-students have told me about, some I witnessed: one twenty years younger, seduced then abandoned after four months. One less than one year relationship, got the student pregnant and broke up with her. This may or may not have occured while the instructor was still with his ex-wife. Current relationship with woman (now pregnant) in middle of divorce, less than seven months in duration so far (either that or they started dating when she was still living with her husband). Pestered another student I know (for dates, excessive touching) until she quit after six months. My situation. Has broken up a marriage in the past. Threw a student out of the dojo because she had "fallen in love with him" and was "insisting" (there's more to THAT story, I betcha). The one I saw get groped on her first day there. Hmm.. who else? I have heard that "so many" students quit because he was coming on to them. When I started at the place I go now, and explained why I left, people said "oh, you too?". I don't know why you keep insisting on having this rosy view of the situation. Maybe I wasn't explicit enough, but this is an anonymous column, so I was being vague on purpose.