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Vincent Munoz
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Re: What's your sensei teaching you?

I've been teaching aikido.

In order to be called aikido, the principles must always be present. If you cannot find any of its principle in a technique, I cannot call it aikido. That's how I criticize the people who uses the name Combat Aikido. They should not use the name Aikido because the meaning of Aikido compared to Combat is very opposite.

The continues movement, graceful footworks, no blocks, no collision, body-foot-hand-ki coordination, moving outside the line of attack and most importantly is how an aikidoka defend himself. It is very easy to hurt or kill people. You don't need aikido to do that. The difficult is how you defend yourself in such a way that you're not hurting your aggressor.

Going back to your subject. Your sensei is teaching you the right things. Aikido doesn't only mean technique.

Understand first deeply what aikido is and everything will be easy.

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