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so if i understand you correctly now, you are not saying 'instructors shouldn't date their students' but rather 'I don't date my students'...i like the sound of that much better.
but if you think those in the law have only the power someone gives them, you haven't lived in Las Vegas, where the police force have been found guity of murdering unarmned minorities 'for fun', male officers strip searching females they arrested on trumped up charges for the enjoyment of then being able to strip search and/or coerce favors out of, etc, plus the power of the court system---i'd call that power. And you must not have spent much time in the military if you don't know that individuals literally sign away personal rights and freedoms when they join. try refusing an order, from supplying DNA samples or an HIV test to taking a shot to whom you will or won't date---you can end up with a felony conviction. And as a physician, have you never brought a patient back from the edge of death? in those situations the one in power truely holds control of the other's life and freedom.
experiencing that, i guess, is what puts dojo dating in perspective for me.