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Originally posted by ca
I don't date coworkers, nor dojo mates. But i don't care who does. You do.

So far, this is true.

Few others really get any sort of real power in their lives, despite what they think.

Including physicians, commanding officers, etc, as their power is referent, dependent upon the supplicant's acceptance of that power.

i just think it is not my place to decide if an adult student can date a sensei if they want. None of my business. you obviously think is is your decision to make, and that is where we disagree.

No, Colleen, that's not what I think. I may not have been clear. I don't think it's my decision who should date whom. I can only decide on my own dating partners. Generally speaking, should a sensei date a student? My answer is no. Will it happen anyway? Sure. That's what I believe, therefore, I won't do it. I have no desire to nor illusions of control over others. I am stating an opinion, not quoting law.

If what two people are doing works for them, and doesn't hurt others, then more power to them.


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