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no, REK, what we disagree on is whether it is any of our business if students want to date instructors. I don't date coworkers, nor dojo mates. But i don't care who does. You do. I am a physician, and our ethics prevents us from dating patients, oath aside, because of the power we hold over a patient, true power. Commanding officers have that power over troops. I would imagine some involved in the law posses it. Few others really get any sort of real power in their lives, despite what they think.
In a sensei-student relationship (of adults), the only one with any bit of true power is the student, because the student is the one giving money to the sensei, and so could threathen the sensei's livlihood.
i just think it is not my place to decide if an adult student can date a sensei if they want. None of my business. you obviously think is is your decision to make, and that is where we disagree.