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I strongly believe that you shouldn't shit where you eat. In my world, it's a bad idea. I accept your comments, and also strongly agree that being a victim is not an excuse. We all know of people who make their living being victims.

I also agree that all parties are responsible in an interaction (assuming we are not discussing an assault, mugging, random rape, etc). My opinion is based on my profession. Is it possible that a doctor can truly fall in love w/ one of his/her patients? Sure. However, there are so many possible points of entry for coercion and abuse, it is considered unethical. So I just won't do it. For me it's safer to avoid even the possibility of impropriety than to take any risk in that area. I further accept that my position does not apply to you and holds no influence in your life.

I think instructors should not date students. You don't agree. And I'm ok with that.


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