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Adam Alexander
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Re: hiriki no yosei/elbow power #1

Yeah, I LOVE the basics. I'd rather spend a couple months of classes working on those than techniques (not that the basics aren't techniques).

The first time I realized how significant they were, I was in my garage doing 45 pivots. After I did about 100, I started to do chest-grasp techniques. I couldn't believe how smooth the technique went. After a few minutes, I realized it was because of warming up with the 45's. The rest is history.

I'd be in paradise if I had two classes everyday. The first would be breakfalls, stretching and basic movements and it'd last eight hours. The second would be fast-paced techniques and I could leave when I got too winded

I think I did Hiriki no Yosei Ichi correct once. I know it sounds cheesy, but I swear, it felt like the earth moved beneath me and I was standing still--very powerful sensation--like I was moving the ground.

What's your thoughts on the foot work of Hiriki no Yosei Ni? I see people (at all levels up to Sandan) who stay on the balls of their feet all the way through the body change and I see others who use both heels and balls through the movement.
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