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Lightbulb Re: Good Hakama Gone Bad

Melissa Pittman Fischer wrote:
How 'bout the good hakama worn bad? I guess this is the comedy central of hakama stories so... My Sensei asked me to wear a hakama (I was 1st kyu, not eligible for hakama at our dojo) to teach outside the dojo at a neighborhood school. The first day, he showed me how to wraptietuckwraptiewraptuckwraptietuck the thing, got me dressed and sent me out lookin' good. The next week, he wasn't there to help me.
I think I have just the thing for you:

The Velcro Hakama

Many of the dan rank students and New School Aikido wear them. I personally plan to get one for myself Real Soon Now.

I got a traditional hakama when I got my shodan.

I've come to believe that was a mistake.

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