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Many thanks every one - I've been doing it for several weeks now and everyone seems to think it is great for formalising the techniques and, although this may be a bad point. I think it is actually beneficial 'cos people are getting a much larger range of techniques to work with from which they can gradually see the relationships between them and finally see that there are not strict differences between techniques.

The only thing is, I've been been teaching two versions of ikkyo in a set as ikkyo (where you go straight in before they have chance to exert downward force) and gokyo (often called ikkyo, but in reality it is gokyo; where you allow the strike to occur, whilst moving to the inside and cutting it down with your right hand (assuming right hand attack) then bring it back towards uke's head i.e. you end up with uke's wrist being grabbed with your hand the other way around).

Do you think this is too complicated?

Also, I know Tomiki did a lot of research into the techniques, and from looking at the 17 step kata you lot use it is obvious he was good at seeing the relationships between techniques. Has he written anything useful on this (I think I'll start a new thread on this aspect).

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