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Niamh Marie O'Leary-Liu
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Blush! Good Hakama Gone Bad, Tropical Version

Our mats are stored up against a wall next to an emergency exit. Once in a while, some little spider or something will squeeze itself under the door and hide in a stack of mats. So the other day, as the instructor was helping to set the mats out for class, a teeny tiny lizard startled him by jumping off the mat, right onto his hakama. The instructor did an abbreviated version of the Macarena dance trying to shake it off, but he couldn't tell if the little critter scrambled somewhere further into the folds of his hakama or if it jumped off in the commotion and high-tailed it out of the area. Naturally, I couldn't resist asking him, "Is that a lizard in your hakama or..."

Speak softly and carry a big jo.
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