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Re: hiriki no yosei/elbow power #1

Hi Ron,

I'm glad you liked the novel <wry grin>

The resistance usually starts off as holding, but depending on how strong the shite's kamae is we might push.

We also do the multiple people holding. Often with one person holding from behind (to the belt) and then the two people on each arm. We even practice with a couple of people holding onto the belt from behind in a chain. Again, this isn't practiced so much (I don't recall it being taught at all actually) by the Japanese instructor. Although, Japanese instructors will teach hiriki no yosei ichi with 2 partners (one on each arm) but without a lot of resistance...this usually happens when there is an odd person out in the class.

I think the main point of the resistance like this is to make sure that you become the strongest you can be and still maintain your posture, balance, togetherness...etc. If you can actually go through the resistance (instead of practicing around it) then you have successfully strengthened your stance. In the end, the one who has the strongest kamae will be able to overpower the other (aside - this is easy to see when resisting nikkajo, too)

That being said, I guess that it shows that there are a number of reasons to practice this way:

1. Develop your stance
2. Find uke's point of resistance to engage it and use it
3. Learn how to go around that point of resistance.

I find doing all of the stuff with hiriki no yosei ichi not so bad...but with hiriki no yosei ni...well...its a lot more difficult. Especially when you start trying to throw uke from a hiriki no yosei (ichi or ni actually) from a standing flat strong stance using the basic movement itself focusing on the contact with the arms.

Anyway...its great to be able to discuss this stuff. My students and I have been pouring over it for the last couple of week and I am still finding new things/applications within the movements.



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