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Originally posted by giriasis

Also in regards to the consenting adults issue, whenever someone uses their positition of authority to their advantage the issue is not consent to sex or but the issue is power. Consent no longer becomes an issue because the person being subjugated does not believe they can refuse.


What should we do and what rules should be created? Right now, it is up to the individual person and schools. But a rule of a sensei not dating their students while they are members of that dojo is not unreasonable.
With respect, I think your position is ridiculous. Martial arts training is cultivation of power. By virtue of my practice, I am more powerful then 90% of the people I interact with. Are all these people my unwitting victims? Perhaps, if they find out about my cultivation, they will "believe" they cannot refuse me? Would you have me take resposibility for others' mistaken beliefs? Must I then retreat to a secluded cave, to save the masses from my subjugation?

I happen to be 6'0", 175lb. A genetic abnormality made me bigger and stronger then 99% of the women on the planet. Does this make me a sexual predator?

I think, as practicioners dedicated to self-improvement, we ought to be advocating personal responsibility for teachers AND students. We do not need to reinforce the politically correct culture of victimhood.

[Now I calm down and read the previous posts]

Well, I looks as though most of my points have already been stated and debated. If I can hit and throw my seniors and juniors, I can certainly "say no" to them. And if I felt differently, then *I* would be out of line. That's my opinion, anyway.

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