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Anne Marie:

I agree. Just because two adults are involved in a relationship does not necessarily imply that it is consensual or healthy. Reference the rates of date rape and spousal abuse. I differ from Colleen in my view of the victim. Clearly, she has never been one, and for that I admire her. But there is still the hint of "blaming the victim" to the posts.

Are there times when victims have taken risks that increase the likelihood that they will be preyed upon? Sure. But that doesn't make it ok for unscrupled authorities to take advantage of this opportunity. In war, sure. In the dojo, in the doctor's office, in the boss's office, no.

So Colleen, I don't suggest that all people stop trying to date all other people. When someone seeks your guidance as an authority (and this does not include your authority regarding this week's special in the produce department) wouldn't it be simple to just seek your partners elsewhere? That way, there can be no role confusion. When did good ethical practice become so difficult?


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