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Sorry it was so long. I actually had to edit quite a bit so you were saved from a lot. But this is more than being a verbose lawyer-to-be.

I am actually rather passionate about this issue as well. I really have a sticking point with people who are at fault for this kind of behaviour (all gamuts of questionable claims, fraud and abuse), and I can't tolerate it when people start blaming the victim.

Also when people throw out "what if" scenarios like that I just can't help it. I like doing that to dispel the more unreasonable stances and to show that it won't be the end of the world. Also breaking down the situations like I did can show that it is practical to draw the line somewhere.

Also my passion to defend and my ability to argue/debate lead me to the legal field. So I guess that is reflecting here.

Chocolate Uke,

That is just one of the many reasonable exceptions to the rule -- I had to edit that part out. But as you pointed out he doesn't take advantage of the family relationship, and I am sure he is well aware of the potential downsides. Most sensei, I believe, would do this. It is only the few that ruin it for all.

Anne Marie

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