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Re: Re: slight OT but relevant I think

Originally posted by Jim23


These aren't real examples, are they?

I once ran into a smokin', drinkin' sensi (huff-puffing his way through class -- pretty good aikido though). Needless to say, I didn't start training there -- how could I respect someone like that?

Erik, these examples are beyond scary. These people should be kicked out. Period. Why would anyone even want to attend their classes anyway?

A pedofile?? Call the cops in -- let's see if their aikido really works!!

Yes, Jim, all real. Bruce Klickstein is one of the names and I'm trying to verify the other but I'm having a hell of a time. The guy has vanished from the Earth, which is just as well. I believe he was named Stephen (or Steven) King and he was based in Watsonville (this part I'm certain of). Yes, just like the author. The courts stepped in and prohibited him from teaching children. If I have the name wrong, I apologize.

John Lamont is also a rather famous example but I spaced him out for some reason.

The other examples mentioned, nearly all of which have cleaned up to my knowledge are not really that unusual. Being stoned and more was not at all uncommon in the 60's and 70's or so I've been told. Some folks just hadn't caught up with the times yet. And do you really think that there are not ample alcoholics in this biz?

I mentioned them because it showed my own stupidity and failings and how hard it is to say something to a sensei, even when it would be for their own good. By the way, I would add that the one's I had direct experience with were also excellent teachers in their own way.

Jim, who would kick them out? There is no standards body overseeing aikido. When was the last time a rep for your organization dropped in and checked if the bathrooms were clean? I'm thinking never. 7-11 has better store standards than what is applied across the aikido community in many cases. Klickstein is an example of someone who was kicked out, however.

Enough, we're heading astray of the topic.

PS: pedofile may have been too strong a term. Child molester would be more accurate.

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