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Peter Seth
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Smile Re: Don’t waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Hi E1.
Well! Let me say apart from being 'bad form' to offer opinions on other arts, it is extremely ignorant if you know nothing about them? I have been involved in martial arts for 0ver 40 years and ALL arts are good in there individual way. I chose Aikido as my 'life art' for many reasons, its philosophy (I am not Naive before anyone says it) its all about how you yourself want to live your life - I find violence to be a bit of a bore, a negative thing in most cases. But, (being oldish but not too fat) I can if required delve very very deeply (and subtley) into violence.
Luckily due to aikido It has not been called upon too often.
Aikido in my view is an excellent vehicle in which can be included any aspects of any other martial art if required (usually as a back up for a mistiming). It can be gentle at one end, and in a split second, lethal at the other.
So do not be disheartened, These macho comments mean nothing to a 'thinking' person.

PS: In fact aikido's potential frightens me sometimes.
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