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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Aikido is nice because it gives us the option of diffusing situations with compassion....and not necessarily having to do major damage.

I don't think that one martial art is superior over another...rather you should find the one that is best for you in this time of your life. I would suggest to choose the style that you are drawn to the most and don't worry what others say.

I studied TKD for seven years when I was younger. It was good for me at that time. Now I have found Aikido. For "real
life" situations that I would likely be in as a school teacher, Aikido is the best path for me now. I would like to be able to subdue a violent student without doing damage to them. This is not to mention the non-violent situations in which I try to use Aikido philosophy just to get through my day.

Best wishes in finding your path, Kahled.
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