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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Hi Khaled

I have only been studding Aikido for about four months now and have read allot on Aikido, I have also trained in alto of other Arts and do understand were these people are coming from because I used to be one of them. What I believe these people are not realizing is that Aikido isn't just about punching and kicking and all the other physical stuff its about not being in a situation in the first place and if you do have no other choice, to deal with it with as little or no injury to the other person and yourself. I really don't think that these peoples minds are very open? I work security and one night I had this biky throw a hay maker at me with my back to him, this was about two months into training, I actually sensed him coming before he made contact with my head so I was able to maneuver myself so the punched missed, this is what I mean by Aikido isn't just about punching and kicking its about not being in the situation in the first place. After the punched missed I stepped away and got the police to remove him as It would have been difficult for myself to do. That is Aikido. I hope this has been of some benefit to you Khaled keep training all the best.
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