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Colleen: judging from your comments, you seem to be assuming that I DID get involved with this sensei that I have been discussing. I did not. What happened was this: I was there almost every day for 6 months with no problems (unbeknownst to me, his attention was focused on another student), everything was fine. Then I started helping out around the dojo more, and yeah, I did get a little closer to him, and yeah, there was the hand on the leg etc, but it was not clear for many months where this was going to go, if anywhere. I did try to talk to him about these little occurences, because he was living with someone else, and I don't date people who have girlfriends, and then he'd back off, then it would happen again, etc. I finally left when it became apparent that the situation would not resolve itself. The bad stuff was mixed up with a fair amount of good stuff (and I did have feelings for this guy). I stuck around because I don't live in an area where there are alot of places to practice aikido, and I really like aikido, and I thought if I just talked to him I could get the situation ironed out. The person I saw get groped on the mat lasted exactly one day. Does that make it OK, just because she had the good sense to leave? What about the next victim? As I have said to you before, I am less concerned with my relationship with the guy than with the pattern of behavior I have since become aware of. It kindof changes the picture. BTW I was in the middle of a personal crisis at the time this was happening, and mr X was playing the role of concerned counselor, which is exactly how he got involved with his current gf, she was in the middle of a divorce, and he said "oh, I am so worried about her" next thing your what Erik was saying about people like that picking those who are weak in spirit (or in this person's case, damsels in distress) is right on the money. Ordinarily, I am a very strong person, but I was going through a tough spot and this person appeared to be offering support (turns out with strings attached).