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Sue Hammerich
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Re: Don’t waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Those are good questions. I commend you for your desire to learn, and for your courage expressed in your inquiry. What your fellow martial artists feel about Aikido and their respective art is probably the truth - for THEM. That sounds like a cop-out, I know. But everyone's opinion of anything is filtered through his or her own experience. For instance, different tonal structure has created different types of music in the world. What sounds like cacophony to someone from one part of the world is enjoyable to another. Words that are gibberish to one person is a common language to someone else. Are any of these opinions wrong? No, unless there is a judgment attached.
I commend you on your desire to find your own path in martial arts; I presume that corresponds to your seeking your own path in life. Keep questioning, do the right thing, and peace to you and yours
Have a great week!

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