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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Khaled Abdullah wrote:
Here are some of their quotations:
"Aikido doesn't require fitness so most aikido players are old, fat and not strong enough"
That's nothing more than an observation. It's astonishing how a certain intonation can make an observation sound like criticism. And I like that the fact that a lot of of the (important) aikido players are old, fat and not that strong: it means that aikido is the best martial art: you do not need to be athletic to be any good at it. :-) (And you can still practice when you're old, which is nice as well.)

" ou can not attack in aikido you just receiving and waiting what the attackers will do"
As stated above, untrue. Firstly you can use aikido offensively, it is just not practiced that way. Secondly, ultimately (when you're old and fat) you learn how to make the attacker attack you in the way you want him/her to. Very simple example of the opposite: when training a wrist grab, I often have to explain to beginners that if they stand with their feet next to each other and their hands by their side, I will not grab their wrist, but rather kick them or puch them.

" many aikido techniques depend on grabbing which is rarely happen in real fights"
Techniques are often trained in reaction to grabbing, but that's because it's easier to learn. And after reading some threads on this: it seems to depend on what kind of fgiht you're in, whether there'll be any grabbing. There's a big difference between fighting, for example, an experienced street figher and a drunk friend who claims you cheated while playing scrabble with him.

" aikido focuses on hands to applying its techniques and ignores the rest of the body, no kicks no punches no jumping"
I have yet failed to step out of the line of attack using only my hands, but I'll keep trying. (Also have I not yet succeeded in punching without the use of my hands, but I suspect that only a truely enligyhtened person will be able to grasp this.)

" aikido is only good for seminars and demonstrations"
It's excellent for those! And for training! They're all three a lot of fun.
Question: Only good for seminars and demonstrations as opposed to ...? (It's good to know that the people you spoke know their rhetoircal trics.) Probably as opposed to fighting, but fighting is such a broad concept (see above) ...

" aikido is too traditional, no body use sword in our world today"
I don not believe any aikidoka claims that we train with the bokken for practical purposes.

" aikido is a philosophy more than a combat way"
How can you tell? Are there quota we can use to measure this?
And as a philosopher I must say that the difference between an aikido training and a philosophy class is quite large.

Is aikido useful and effective in real situation and against other martial arts?
I've never seen aikido fight against something or someone, so I wouldn't know.
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