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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Khaled Abdullah wrote:
"Aikido doesn't require fitness so most aikido players are old, fat and not strong enough"
(who is going to pick a fight with an old, weak, fat guy?)

" you can not attack in aikido you just receiving and waiting what the attackers will do"

" many aikido techniques depend on grabbing which is rarely happen in real fights"
(grabbing happens in every fight)

" aikido focuses on hands to applying its techniques and ignores the rest of the body, no kicks no punches no jumping"

" aikido is only good for seminars and demonstrations"
(it's also good for opening doors and avoiding charging animals)

" aikido is too traditional, no body use sword in our world today"
(are these guys in Saudi Arabia?...aren't they always chopping each others heads off with swords?)

" aikido is a philosophy more than a combat way"
Each to his own. Anyone caught dissing other arts will be shot at dawn.

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