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Re: Need advice/new guy to area's dojo

Ian Dodkins wrote:
Also, the main instructors can't (and shouldn't) always target the training to beginners - you should maybe look to less senior grades for specific help with techniques if you can't follow them.

I'm trying to understand exactly what is meant by the above statement…

I do understand that the main instructors can't always target the training to the beginners, but who's responsibility is it to see that there is some sort of structure built to help the beginners better understand the basics of Aikido? It almost sounds like you're saying that if the basics of Aikido aren't demonstrated within a class than it's up to the students to research these basics on their own which sounds silly.

A potential student walks up to a building and sees a sign that advertises Aikido. He understands that this is a class, as in some sort of school, as in teaching…teacher. Instead of being taught the basics he is shown where the matt is and is expected to "follow the leader" without any breakdown of the techniques. He gets confused as he watches the senior students move swiftly through the dojo. OK…now it's time to practice what we just witnessed but instead the newer student moves as if he had two left feet. The main instructors, as well as the newer student's partner continue with class without corrections. About 3 minutes later the student hears two loud claps. It's time to sit already? He hasn't even gotten a feel for the last moves and now it's time to move on to a whole different set of moves.

And I ask again…where is the teaching in this? What is an instructor if he or she doesn't instruct? What is the meaning of Sensei if he or she doesn't teach? Why would anyone call these classes if we cannot learn from the very one who calls himself teacher?
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