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Re: Techniques for breaking up a fight.

breaking up fights can be difficult. Like a previous poster said, both might come at you. It can be easy to secure a joint lock on the dominant person and extract him from the submissive guy, but then it gives the submissive guy the advantage and he will attack with you holding the other guy.

It is best to have a couple of people to help out that know what they are doing. Ideal minimum for two fighters is four people. You divide up into teams. two handle the dominant and the other two the submissive. Then you divide each person one goes high for upper body, the other low for lower body. Then you subdue the guys until the police arrive with minimal force or they go on their merry ways after they cool down.

Breaking up fights can be very dangerous especially if you don't know the people involved. Leave it to bouncers and police...they get paid for it.
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